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Majestic K9 Group here on referred to as MK9G is a private company with specialty in working dog training and operations. We are registered with Nigerian corporate affairs commission; with registration number RC: 973840.

We provide a bouquet of upscale products and services including the training of working dogs, deployment operations and allied projects.

Although we are domiciled in Nigeria, we cover Africa and round the world and customized our solutions to suite peculiar requirements among different protocols and programs for entities, VIPS, corporate entities, k9 units ET cetera.

Over the years, our proven methods have yielded results, ensuring excellent services delivery. Our niche is found in an unmatched and highly trained dependable working dogs, handled by vastly experienced expert trainers. This has earned us our motto: "Above Names, Beyond Sense.”

Our Services

Law Enforcement & Military
Law Enforcement & Military
Agencies or entities requiring the special need of an accompany to a lone officer are prospects to Majestic K9 Group reserves international integrity and standard for military and law enforcement working dog protocols training services, revered and recommended locally and internationally, MK9G is the best consideration for any military or enforcement agencies looking to improve their K9 units or to build reputable K9 teams.
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Career in Dog Training
Career in Dog Training
If you look out to learn from a global standard dog training school highly rated with easy payment plans, then MK9G is your all in all best option, highly rated and affordable, you have surety to learn from top dog trainers and K9 instructors in a compact fully functional capacity that will not only teach you everything about dog training principles’ and practical’s pertaining to individual subject or courses but will also teach you how to lay your own dog training business based on your locality requirement.
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General Dog Training Services
General Dog Training Services
MK9G has an unmatched capacity with dog training in general, highly reputable for her world class dog trainers and instructors combined with the effort of a team that researches the principle and psychology of dog training,
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Over the years, across and beyond Nigeria, there has only been two consistent subjects about our services I.E our services are germane (relevant) and on time. On various fronts, where challenges has faced out many of our contemporaries, we stood firm and proofed solutions to such challenges.

Our managerial team brings across the board over three decades of experience in dog (K9) training, operations and general usage of dogs in security units and enforcement agencies, not without our business intelligent expert that orient field work into digital interpretation to carry the bulk of our clients along with our field work operations and results.

At every level, we are unmatched and beyond unmatched, we will stay on top of our industry, bringing latest researches and inventory into field works to improve dynamicity and results in general.


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